• Blues Rock
    Guitar Teacher
    Kelly Richey

    Hundreds of guitar players have learned to master the guitar with my personal, one-on-one guitar lessons. Whether you take lessons with me in my private studio, or online via skype or facetime, you'll get a customized learning plan and practice routine built around your needs and goals.

  • Are You A Female
    Guitar Player?
    Kelly Richey

    Female guitar players face unique challenges in learning to play guitar. My entire career has been spent proving to the male-dominated industry that girls CAN play guitar. I pass this experience on to my female students with tips, techniques, exercises, and guitar lessons just for you -- things that many male guitar teachers wouldn't include or accommodate. Ready to rock?

  • Guitar Instruction Workshops

    Festivals, Schools, Universities, Music Stores, and House Concerts!

    What could be more fun than learning how to play guitar in a group setting? Experience one of my guitar instruction workshops: 90 minutes of intensive lesson time, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and learn more. As a bonus, all workshop students get free all-access to my online guitar lesson learning system for 90 days!


Are you a committed, dedicated guitar player? Get 1-on-1 coaching with Kelly Richey (wherever you are).
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