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    Kelly Richey's guitar instruction is like nothing you've seen before. Take lessons in the comfort of your own home. Get unlimited access to a library of over 250 instructional videos that you can watch anytime you want, as many times as you want. My lesson plans are tailored to meet your needs and guide you to mastering your guitar, faster than you ever thought possible. Starting at less than $20 a month, this is an incredible value.

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    Thousands of guitar players have learned to master the guitar with my personal, one-on-one guitar lessons. Whether you take lessons with me in my home studio, or online via a webcam connection, you'll get a customized learning plan and practice routine built around your needs and goals.

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    Kelly Richey

    Female guitar players face unique challenges in learning to play guitar. My entire career has been spent proving to the male-dominated industry that girls CAN play guitar. I pass this experience on to my female students with tips, techniques, exercises, and guitar lessons just for you -- things that many male guitar teachers wouldn't include or accommodate. Ready to rock?

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    What could be more fun than learning how to play guitar in a group setting? Experience one of my guitar instruction workshops: 90 minutes of intensive lesson time, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and learn more. As a bonus, all workshop students get a free all-access trial of my online guitar lesson learning system for 30 days!


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