Guitar Instruction Workshops

Schools, Universities, Festivals, Music Stores, House Parties

Learn how to play guitar in a group setting and have fun along the way with one of my 90-minute guitar instruction workshops. PLUS, all workshop students will receive a 30-day unlimited access pass to my library of online guitar instruction videos. There are over 250 hi-def videos to choose from, including the exercises and techniques covered in each workshop, that you can watch again and again. You’ll also get tablatures and rhythm tracks to jam along to at home.



During these workshops, you’ll get a whole new perspective on navigating the neck of your guitar. I have a unique way of teaching basic music theory, chords, rhythm, and pentatonic scales. In just one 90-minute workshop, you’ll see a difference in your rhythm AND lead guitar playing. And for gear heads, I’ll also have my impressive new solo rig set up and can walk you through all my equipment and answer any questions you may have. A video of this rig is also available in my instruction library.

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